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“I knew that I needed to elevate my game and do something different that has not been done yet. ‘Dark to Light’ is me saying hello to the world and putting all my cards on the table out the gate.”

“I needed to create a song that crossed over two different energies of Hip Hop music so that it would resonate with listeners from both sides of the coin (darkness and light).”

“I mean, I know I’m going against the grain but that’s really the story of my life. It’s not really about making money for me, it's about making change. I’ve done a lot of messed up things in my life.”

Tell us who you are:

The Artist Muneer has been featured over 20 times, has been booked since live music returned around the music meccas of Atlanta and Nashville, and before his first album dropped had already hit 100k streams across a few platforms. His whole thing is positivity, and he doesn't swear in his music. He feels he's atoning for a tumultuous and "Dark" childhood, but through raising his boys he's found his way "To Light"

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Song Title: Dark To Light

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