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Artist Name: D=emc^2

Who are you?

I make cover art produce and, I dont let my strggles stop me. my music often has a true story to it. Reslely changed on some media as D Lazruz

Where are you from?

I grew up in Xenia ohio with many genes of music. I have a blue check mark on spotfy and, I make all diffrent types of mostly christian music.
I moved to Clarksvile ohio three years ago. more country music here. ive had schzoafftive disoreder ceribel palsy i dance sing and produce and often my music is about my struggles.
my faith and my postive look on life has helped me alot.

How can we follow you?

open.spotify… youtu.be/83T…

Song Title: The Hospital

Listen to D=emc^2:

Source: supremepr.us…


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