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The intention of my music:
When I have an idea – a riff or a melody – I want to share this feeling with people in that moment.

Black 7 is a project by Lars Totzke, a guitarist and songwriter from Hannover. After many years of musical abstinence, 14 songs were released on his first own album „Look Inside“. An instrumental album in which the guitar is the leading instrument and guides through the songs. It’s like a musical journey in which fast parts alternate with calm passages. All songs are written, produced and arranged by Lars Totzke.

Influenced by bands and artists such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Sevendust, Dream Theater, Slipknot and Korn but also Satriani, Gary Moore, Al di Meola and Paco de Lucia, Lars Totzke’s music is heavy and rock as well as orchestral and sometimes quiet.

Tell us who you are:

Melodic heavy rock – purely instrumental, without vocals. A clear recommendation for friends of harder guitar music. Influences like Satriani, Dream Theater but also Iron Maiden and Incubus can be found in the music.
Black 7 is a solo project by Lars Totzke. Work has been going on for 1 year on the debut album, which has been available since October 2021.
Lars played in metal bands in Hanover as early as the 1990s. After a long break, it's back to rocking again.
Hopefully there will also be live performances again in the future. Whether alone or with a band remains to be seen.

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Song Title: Lift up

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