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Artist Name: BigElli

Who are you?

Yes, yes I would. You see I've been trying out this artistic journey for a while, I've been on it you know testing my self and I can say to you I'm up for the task, word is bond. My level of creativity is one of a kind, my dear friend would describe as raw and uncanny. To be an artist you must be creative with your sound, be versatile and universal otherwise you're just a regular musician or you make music. My creativity has even won me some little DYM challenges.

Where are you from?

I'm from Abraka, Nigeria.
The music scene here in ABK is full of underground artists seeking recognition you know? Everybody hungry to taste fame. But for Nigeria, its unfavorable to us rappers. We don't grow fanbase easily as most people are into Afro sound. Nigerians find it hard to listen to rap music made by a Nigerian artist, they'd rather play Kodak lol

How can we follow you?

I'm on all socials baby you know? Like every other hungry artist out there crying to be heard.
I'm on IG, Twitter and Facebook as
Check my ig(https://instagram.com/imelliotvwede)@imelliotvwede
My music live too on all DSPs. Spotify, Apple, Audiomack and them rest

Song Title: Therapy

Listen to BigElli:

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