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Artist Name: Babicash

Who are you?

I’m an underground heard but not seen type of artist. I haven’t had the opportunity to get out and really show off my music. I put all my passion in my music. I like to think I have a laid back type of vibe along with a more in tune with my music feel. I’m serious about making my music the way I like it and don’t ever want to change my style.

Where are you from?

I’m from the smallest and most talented underground artist state, Delaware. Music is huge here and there’s so many talented people that just don’t get exposure because nobody comes around here. So many different types of music from hip hop, metal/rock, to country and nobody gets seen enough.

How can we follow you?

BabiCash on all platforms from instagram @_babicash_ TikTok @_babicash_ and SoundCloud @babicash

Song Title: Letter To Mom

Listen to Babicash:



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