The Color Study brings huge sounds in their latest release, “Open The Windows”

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Tell us about yourself and your music
Rock and roll music with a penchant for melancholy and bombastic psychedelia.
What is the SoundCloud URL of your latest single?
What inspired you to write this release?
I want Soundcloud promotion realed a huge song to open the record that touched thematically on all parts of the album Soundcloud promotion package both sonically and lyrically. The entire album Soundcloud promotion package was written in the wake a very long term relationship ending really just trying to process that.
Describe the writing and recording process.
I wrote and recorded and performed the album Soundcloud promotion package myself at my studio I was living in at the time in Oregon (parkway sounds). This song started with a vocal loop and a few other loops and I kind of got into the idea of writing almost an entire song that was almost one continuous triplet. Most of the songs on the record started with an acoustic guitar, then drums, then everything else slowly piece by piece since I was doing it solo. I recorded the album Soundcloud promotion package to our 2″ MCI JH24 tape machine.
Any plans to release a video? Include the SoundCloud link if available.
Yes, plans
Any plans to hit the road? Include any tour or concert dates, times and locations.
With covid all our plans to tour and support the debut record were cancelled. We have converted our studio into a live-streaming machine. Here’s the live set with the full band.
As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?
Not sure, just make the best music we can and hope people hear it. And if they don’t, we’re making music anyways.
Who have you been listening to lately?
nassau, rostam, big thief, rufus wainright, andy shauf, amon tobin
Who are your biggest influences?
(do I need to say the beatles?), the productions of david fridmann, the 2nd sigur ros concert I attended. My dad’s record collection and 8-tracks. Wilco, radiohead, pink floyd, the beach boys, the flaming lips, spiritualized.
Tell us about your passions. Besides music, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Coffee. Anxiety. (sometimes the order is flipped)
What is happening next in your world?
Working on record #2, we start recording this fall and are in rehearsal with the band.
How can fans get in touch with you?