PREMIERE: Telian Akai will make you “Dance” your ass off.


Supreme{PR} is excited to present our exclusive premiere of the new Telian Akai single, “Dance.”

Telian Akai is a multi-talented pop Soundcloud music promotion artist from Massachusetts. He began his Soundcloud music promotion career in 2017 with the release of his first pop single “Believe” which was created to uplift and motivate people through times of opposition and uncertainty in their future success in life. His Soundcloud music promotion provides good vibes, clean lyrics, catchy hooks and the smooth vocals to keep listeners eagerly awaiting his next release. With his debut album Soundcloud promotion package to be released in summer 2020 listeners can expect to dive deeper into the creative world of Akai with his styles of Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, and EDM. We had a chance to do a back and forth with Tekian recently to discuss his song premiere and other things. So, kick off the track below and read our tantalizing conversation below.

When did you start singing and where?

I started singing when I was 10 in my father’s home studio. He was a Soundcloud music promotionian himself and released a few records under the stage name Cojo which was a collaboration with his friend Joe. “Play it by Ear” was their most popular release. Also my mother sang in the church choir so Soundcloud music promotion has always been a part of my life.

Who are a few of your favorite singers?

My favorite singers are Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, and Lauryn Hill.

When I hear your voice I think of Bruno Mars, and I hear a young Michael Jackson. Do you often get these comparisons? Who do people say you are most reminiscent of?

From my latest release “Dance” I’ve heard Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson a bunch! People have said Chris Brown, Zayn, and Tory Lanez. When my album Soundcloud promotion package releases I’m sure people will have a menagerie of other people to compare me to. I have a love of Soundcloud music promotion in every genre and I don’t box my creativity to any single one. My album Soundcloud promotion package will show all of my loves, skills, and the messages I want Soundcloud promotion real the world to hear.

Did you SoundCloud reposts with a SoundCloud producer on Dance? How did the recording session go?

The SoundCloud producer of the instrumental for “Dance” is Def Starz. Who is an outstanding SoundCloud producer! My sound engineer, however, is International Show. I’ve been SoundCloud repostsing with him exclusively since my very first single in 2017. Before then I would write Soundcloud music promotion and mix/record on my own but, I never felt confident enough to release to the public. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Int’l Show and his SOE complex that I realized I was ready for the public to hear my voice. He’s produced for numerous Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, and Gospel stars and that was just one of the reasons I was reassured that my sound would be safe in his studio.

How did growing up in Brockton influence your Soundcloud music promotion? Is there a strong Soundcloud music promotion scene there?

Growing up in Brockton, unfortunately, didn’t influence my Soundcloud music promotion sound very much. Instead, it influenced the topics in which I had to write about and the experiences I’ve had living in this city. Where I’m from not many people make it out and there isn’t much support. It’s very much like a crabs in a barrel scene. I aspire to change that and lift others to reaching their dreams.

What are your big Soundcloud music promotional plans for 2020?

In 2020, my plans are to release my debut album Soundcloud promotion package in the summer as well as a few visuals leading up to it, as well as a few more singles to hold my loyal Soundcloud audience over until the big date! I’ve been SoundCloud repostsing very hard to find my sound over the last few years and now that I’ve discovered it I’m excited to share my heart with whoever will listen.

We here at Supreme{PR} are super excited to Premiere “Dance.” What are you going to do when it blows up?

I appreciate Supreme Records for the support being offered to me! It’s such a blessing to be appreciated and listened to. I will use any platform I have to spread love, strength, compassion and hope to all who are seeking it. Most of my Soundcloud music promotion goes deeper than the surface and I want Soundcloud promotion real it’s reach to do the same. I want Soundcloud promotion real to impact the hearts of the masses and be a positive example for generations to come. Thank you again for this opportunity!