Logan Conklin mopes in his pensive new EMO rap release: “Soon enough everything will change.”

Logan Conklin
SoundCloud Profile
Tell us about yourself and your music
i just really like music bc lil peeps music saved me from myself and if i could help even 1 person they way he helped me i would feel satisfied.
What is the SoundCloud URL of your latest single?
What inspired you to write this release?
lil peeps song save that sh*t because it was like an upbeat hype song, but the lyrics were deeper
Describe the writing and recording process.
usually i’m always alone in my room lol, so i’m always in my own mind and i just make music about it and however my head is
Any plans to release a video?
yea i wanna make music videos and stuff i’m just working on getting out there a little more
Any plans to hit the road?
i want Soundcloud promotion real to in the future but right now i can’t rlly much like that
As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?
i just show my friends and i try my best to stay true to myself so that people can see who i am not just a image
Who have you been listening to lately?
lil peep, and bones, gbc and teamsesh
Who are your biggest influences?
lil peep and the rest of GBC
What gets you out of bed in the morning?
the only thing that keeps me going is my family and the hope i can make everything easier for them.
What is happening next in your world?
i hope soon enough everything will change and i’ll be able to enjoy the bright side