Supreme{PR} Exclusive Premiere of powerful single, “Regrets” by Lil Dawg


We got a chance to chat with Lil Dawg to discuss his new song and his plans for the future.

SoundCloud Profile
Tell us about yourself and your music
I speak on what I know. My past experiences and my current reality. I’m a problem child with a platform to express my angst.
What is the SoundCloud URL of your new SoundCloud single?
Talk to us more about your latest single. What is it called and why?
This song is called regrets and it’s about my struggles with regretting my past from relationships to lifestyle.
What inspired you to write this release?
I just sat down and felt like shit so I opened up Fl Studios and jus starting speaking
Describe the writing and recording process.
I usually jus plug everything in to Fl Studios and express how it makes me feel
Any plans to release a video? Include the SoundCloud link if available.
I’m in the process of writing ideas 🙂
Any plans to hit the road? Include any tour or concert dates, times and locations.
Soon, updates on my Instagram @lil.dawg.x
As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?
I feel my music on a different wavelength, frequency, whatever u wanna call it. I don’t know, certain sounds and patters trigger reactions in my brain that just make me able to do what I do. I don’t know any rapper who genuinely want Soundcloud promotion reals to change the world for the better. Once the activism started everyone hopped on but I’ve been tryna make everyone feel better and know it’s okay since I could ever remember.
Who have you been listening to lately?
Lil baby, xxxtentacion, gunna, lil peep, Julio foolio, y&r mookey
Who are your biggest influences?
Me. I am my biggest influence because only I can do for myself what no one else can. If I can’t find any motivation or drive from myself, how am I ever gonna make it? As far as stylistic influence, it’s a mix of metalcore, hiphop, underground rap, alternative rock.
Tell us about your passions. Besides music, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
I jus wanna make someone’s day better, let people know it’s okay to be you 🙂
What is happening next in your world?
I’m gonna be the next most talked about piece of work in the music industry 🙂
How can fans get in touch with you? Copy and paste your links to your Website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud Channel, Soundcloud, and/or Reverbnation pages.
Instagram @lil.dawg.x