Picking Pop Beats: Dua Lipa Type Beat 2020

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Picking Pop Beats: Getting Started
Finding success as a pop artist takes more than a good song. Furthermore, with an emphasis on branding, image, and marketability – one might wonder where the music actually comes into play. Without a doubt, you have heard that whatever superstar doesn’t write or produce their own music and are just following a reference track. Especially relevant, while this may fall true for many artists – it doesn’t always tell the whole story. An artist’s sound is an aesthetic. Whether you’re talking about Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, One Direction, or Dua Lipa – you have come to expect a certain style from them. So, how can you make picking pop beats an easier process? Let’s dive into some basics.

Picking Pop Beats: The Basics
Since we are in 2020, let’s look at a Dua Lipa Type Beat and find out why it fits her sound. Most noteworthy, when you think of Dua Lipa’s sound – it often features some funk, disco, and house music. However, often times are vocal chops and modern elements to give it that contemporary feel. Additionally, a Dua Lipa Type Instrumental is generally simple. While the elements may have some melodies that make the track feel full and busy… they are actually limited in competing sounds. This is so the artist can dictate the melody and feel of the song.
The attached Dua Lipa Type Beat 2020 titled “ATARI” fits this bill. It starts off with a simple but catchy bassline. With a heavily funk influence, the combination of drum and bass is meant to make you dance along to the track. A synth is introduced for a dramatic effect for the pre-hook. This let’s you know there is going to be a big chorus coming and should build anticipation. As the chorus slides in, a new bassline is introduced. Additionally, vocal chops and a melody sweeping synthesizer fills out the rest. The hook is short but sweet. Diving right into the second verse, the track follows suit as expected onto the next chorus. After the chorus, the track breaks down and an arpeggio guides you through with a low frequency oscillator. Furthermore, the pre-hook comes in a bit differently this time and then you’re back to the final chorus.
Picking Pop beats can be simple if you know what you are looking for. It’s all about the style and song you intend to write. If you are looking for a Dua Lipa Type Beat – check this one out!
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